Operando was created for one of London’s leading data storage and tech distributors.

The system was commissioned to handle the day to day running of a business, from order through to monthly management accounts. The distributor required an all-in-one solution to enable cross-department synchronisation on order administration, inventory, purchase, accounts and client relationship management.

Our client required the ability to be able to synchronise our stocklist and manufacturer database with an existing ecommerce platform (in this case, Shopify), to enable B2C (Business to Customer) sales through an online portal. This type of functionality is only available through extremely expensive SAP software which is suitable for large-scale business and priced accordingly.

The requirements were for a multi-function application with flexibility and an ability to easily update, change or add features as our client’s business expanded. The Ark liaised with all departments extensively to understand each group’s needs and requirements and worked alongside accountants, sales executives, warehouse managers, delivery drivers and purchasers, to build a system which enabled seamless communication and workflow across the entire company.


  • Complex product database structure (product variations).
  • Product tracking (location and product trail via serial numbers).
  • Barcode scanning.
  • Complex pricing structure (client rate cards / tiers).
  • Stock valuation based on a FIFO (first in, first out) system.
  • Complex, fully comprehensive accounts, sales and purchase reporting.
  • Ability to automate, export and email reports.
  • Multi-currency invoicing and product pricing.
  • Complete accounting module, invoicing and VAT module.
  • Automatic invoicing at point of despatch / collection.
  • Online client portal allowing access to order and accounting information.
  • Timeline functionality across all system entities, to enable our client to add notes to orders, invoices etc.
  • Fully comprehensive login system, with application permissions.
  • Mobile / tablet compatible.

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